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Is it time to update your family photos? Or maybe Christmas photos are on your list this year? Why not get both done and out of the way early with our Limited Edition Christmas Truck Minis at Wild Hearts Farm in Tacoma!? 

Jessica Johnny, Tacoma Family Photography, Booking Christmas Photos 2018

Christmas Truck, Christmas Photos


Early Christmas 2018, Christmas Truck, Christmas Photos 2018, Tacoma Family PhotographerEarly Christmas 2018, Tacoma Photographer, Christmas Truck, Wild Hearts Farm

These sessions will take place one day only, on October 13th, with 30-minute time slots starting at 9:00 A.M. til 3:00 P.M.

Session details:

  • $175 (+tax)
  • 20-25 minutes of photography time
  • 15 high resolution digital images
  • 50% off print orders (optional)

Book before September 21st and receive 15% off with the code EARLYBIRD at the end of checkout.

Click here to book. Or if you have any questions, please email me at

Steel Lake Cake Smash

Last summer, I met with little Aria and her wonderful parents at Steel Lake in Federal Way, WA for her one-year-old cake smash session. Aria was just the most adorable cake “smasher” as she delicately touched the frosting, not quite sure what to do with the pink thing in front of her. Eventually, she decided to taste a bit of the cake and play around with the frosting before losing interest. But she did great for the camera! 



This beautiful cake was made by CC Creations in Federal Way. 


How to Take Great Firework Photos

Looking for some tips on how to take beautiful firework photos this 4th of July? You’ve come to the right place! For this tutorial, you do need to have a DSLR, a tripod, as well as basic knowledge of how to get to different settings on your camera. I also recommend using a wide angle lens and a remote release, although the latter is not too important.
fireworks photography

Step 1 – Tripod and Manual Mode

Get to your location early and set up your tripod. Turn that dial to manual mode — there is no way around this one.

Step 2 – ISO (which stands for International Standards Organization, for those curious ūüôā )

ISO should be set at 100 or 200 at the highest. This is to ensure that you don’t get noise creeping into your picture.

Step 3 – Aperture Setting

I usually set my aperture between F11 to F16. It seems counter intuitive because why would you do that at night?? The answer is simply because firework is very bright and if you open up too much on aperture, you risk overexposing and you won’t get the nice sharp lines of the firework trails.

Step 4 – Focus

It’s best to get this part done while it’s still light because it’s hard to impossible to auto focus after dark. One way to do that is to set your focus by taking a picture of the scene where the firework display is to play out, make sure everything comes out nice and in-focus, then turn off autofocus and leave it alone! Another way is to turn off autofocus and then manually turn the focus to infinity.

Step 5 – Shutter

This one can be played around a bit. If you have a remote release (which is also the best way to avoid touching the camera and ensuring it is as still as possible), turn the shutter to “bulb”. Press it at the start of a burst and hold it down until it finished. Or go longer and experiment holding it for a few bursts. If you don’t have a remote release, use the self-timer. You do have to wait that 10 seconds or so, but it’s well worth it to ensure your camera stay still and not introduce any shake into the photo. Experiment with 10 seconds, 20 seconds or even longer. A word of warning if you keep the shutter open too long: you risk overexposure and the entire image can get hazy from the smoke.

Step 6 – Have Fun

I believe this is the most important step. No matter how great a picture is, there is nothing like actually being in that moment, celebrating and allowing all your senses to take in and be in awe of those pyrotechnic displays with you loved ones.





Now, go out and take some pictures of firework! And do let me know if these tips have been helpful in the comment section below. I would also love to see how your pictures turned out.

Have a Happy Independence Day!

P.S. If you just want to take better firework photos with your smart phone, I came across this article here the other day.



Ethereal Woodland Elopement | Part I

I would like to start out by giving a public announcement: one should never underestimate the craziness of the weather in the Pacific Northwest. Nope, that would be a big mistake. See, on this gorgeous day in May, the sky was clear and the sun was shining everywhere around Seattle. There was not one hint of rain on the freeway, nor was my windshield met with a single drop of water as I wind through the curves that would take me to Rattle Snake Lake for a much anticipated stylized shoot with over a dozen other photographers, models, stylists and various other wedding vendors. Then, as I got to the parking lot, the rain happened. It was not a mist, not even the normal light rain that we so often get in this corner of the country. Nope, this was what could only be described as a down pour.

Rattle Snake Lake
Here is Rattle Snake Lake, beautiful even in the pouring rain. I didn’t dare step outside the tent to get a better shot.

Our attempt to wait it out was futile as the rain gave no hint of letting up. Thankfully, Rebecca, our awesome group leader who put the whole shoot together, wasn’t about to let some rain ruin our day. So, with some fast thinking and teamwork, we packed up all the props, drove an hour back the way we came and set up at Lincoln Park in West Seattle. And what a fantastic call that was for the location couldn’t have been more perfect or more ethereal.

Here is Part I of Ethereal Woodland Elopement, a stylized shoot:

Lincoln Park Photoshoot

Lincoln Park, West Seattle

Lincoln Park, West Seattle Wedding

seattle beach bridal


Seattle Beach Wedding


This photoshoot would not have been possible without the following wonderful vendors and models:

Coordination & Design: Rebecca Anne Photography

Stylist & Coordination: Lilac & Lace

Hair & Makeup: Seattle Bridal Hair

Flowers: From the Ground Up Floral

Rentals: Vintage Ambiance

Wedding Gown: Calla Bridal

Models: Allison Elkington & Eddie Baker

Please stay tuned for Part II.



Redmond Wedding

It was one of those perfect summer afternoons in Western Washington: ¬†a breeze gently blew through the evergreens while the sun bathe the earth with it’s warm, golden light. ¬†On this day in Redmond, a city east of Seattle, Kim and Tom celebrated their love for each other with a group of close friends and family in the backyard of their home. Their wedding was full of summertime fun and understated elegance.


They had a bouncy house!  How summer-perfect was that?

redmond-intimate-wedding redmond-bride-groom









Thank you Kim and Tom, for allowing me the honor of being a part of your perfect day.

Morgan & Beau|Seattle Wedding Photographer


Morgan and Beau’s wedding took place at Immaculate Conception Church, the oldest standing Catholic Church in Seattle.  Here are some photos from their beautiful wedding:

Wedding Gown, Dress ShotSeattle Wedding, Immaculate Conception Church, Bride, Bride in whiteWalking down the aisle, bride and dad, church, immaculate conception churchbride-and-groom, seattle-wedding-photographer, jessica-johnny, seattle-immaculate-conception-church, seattle-weddingjust married, bride and groom, immaculate conception churchseattle-bride, jessica-johnny-photography, seattle-wedding-photographer

the-groom, seattle-groom, groom-and-groommencake-cutting-bride-groombride, seattle-bride, jessica-johnny-photography, immaculate-conception-church, bouquet-toss

I would like to thank Tony Rizzardi, my second photographer, for making it possible to capture some of the most precious moments that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve had I been on my own.  You can view more of Tony’s work here.

Seward Park Family Photo Session

It was a gorgeous spring afternoon when we headed out to Seward Park (one of my favorite places in Seattle, with acres of forests, bike trails, shoreline…you name it, it’s there), hoping to catch some of those beautiful, short-lived cherry blossoms that bloom all over Seattle each year. ¬†However, as Spring decided to come early this year and even though it was only late March, any remaining pink blooms can only be found on the ground. ¬†But as life has taught me, there is always a silver lining, and as our eyes scanned the ground, they fell on a beautiful field of daisies!

Here is the beautiful family:


Letting the kids play is the best way to photograph children. ¬†Here, brother, eat a flower…don’t worry, he didn’t eat it!



Here, we have big brother:


This one just cracks me up:


And then, we have the littlest one.  She is just the cutest!


We closed out our session with this beautiful sky that looks like it came right out of a painting:


Baby’s First Photo: Seattle Children Photographer

“A baby is like a bit of heaven on Earth,”

-Author Unknown-

When I was asked by an old school friend recently to photograph her brand new nephew, I had images of sleeping little bundles of joy wrapped in cozy scarves  swirling in my head. In my imagination, there would be a large, picture window with golden light streaming in, gently kissing the newborn’s sweet head. But of course, the reality is I am in Seattle and the weather rarely ever co-operate…As much as I hoped for sunshine, it just didn’t happen.  And remember the sleeping baby part?  That didn’t happen either.  Meet the sweetest and most alert two-day-old I’ve ever had the honor the photograph:


And even though I didn’t get that image of beautiful sunlight kissing the baby’s head, this image is a thousand times better: